A Family Apart by Joan Lowery Nixon

About This Book:

The Orphan Train Adventures begin in 1860 in New York City, where Mrs. Kelly, a young widow, realizes she cannot give her six children the life they deserve. Mrs. Kelly makes the ultimate sacrifice of love and sends them West on the orphan train to find better lives with new families. The children, especially thirteen-year-old Frances Mary, feel an overwhelming sense of betrayal and abandonment. Their arrival in St. Joseph, separates the children not only from heir mother, but also from each other as well. One by one they are adopted by western families – some looking for children to love, others only seeking cheap labor. Frances has promised Ma that she will look after Petey, her youngest brother, no matter what. Will honoring Ma’s request help Frances understand that splitting up the family was really her mother’s act of love?” Exerpt from the back of the book.


This book is very interesting. It would be good for girls ages 8-12. Some of it is also sad, like when the children are separated. I am hoping that all of the rest of the books in this series are as good as this one. Five stars!♥♥♥♥♥ (or hearts!)

Series: The Orphan Train Adventures

Publisher: Gareth Steven Publishing


Written By: Leona G.




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