The Mysterious Hideaway by Lois Walfrid Johnson

the mysterious hidaway                                                Picture from

About This Book:

Spring term at the Spirit Lake School had begun, and the one-room building is filled with the excitement of friends who have finally gotten back together again. But from the very first day, this spring term promises to be different than any other in the school’s history. First, there’s Ben, the brother of Kate O’Connell’s mother. Although he’s older than the teacher, he needs to learn English and joins Kate and Anders as school begins. At six feet three inches tall, Ben causes a stir with the school children-and the teacher! Then there’s the strange sound that Kate hears above the noise of the first day’s hubbub. Where did it come from? The ceiling above her desk? Or from beneath the floor? Could she have imagined it? A series of baffling clues that seem to make no sense have Kate, Anders, and Erik searching for answers.”Exerpt from back of book.


I enjoyed this book very much. It was a very good book and I had no problems with it. I also like the rest of the books in this series. ♥♥♥♥♥

Series: Adventures of the Northwoods #6

Publisher: Bethany House Publishers

ISBN: 1556612389

Written by: Leona G., 11 yrs.


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