Malcolm Under the Stars, by W. H. Beck



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Malcolm Under the Stars was written by W.H. Beck. It contains 258 pages and is the sequel to Malcolm at Midnight. This book is a fiction novel that takes place at McKenna Elementary School in Clearwater, WI.

Malcolm Under the Stars is about Malcolm, a rat who is a classroom pet. He belongs to a organization if classroom pets, called The Midnight Academy, who keep McKenna safe from danger. In this book, The Academy learns that the school board is talking about closing the historic school. The animals try to think of something to stop it. One of the animals remembers an old legend about someone hiding a “Loaded Stash” of money in the school. Malcolm ends up finding this hidden treasure, but it isn’t enough money. In the end, though, the board decides to keep the school open temporarily.

One of the good things about this book is that Malcolm makes up with one of his worst enemies, Snip the cat, and helps her find a home. I’m glad that Malcolm finally forgave her for all the bad things that she had done.   🙂

A memorable passage in the book is when Malcolm, with the help of his friend, Beert the owl, flies across the river behind the school to get help from an animal called the Striped Shadow.

They rocketed down until Malcolm was sure that every niblet he had eaten for dinner that night and  the night before was going to come back up again. He clung on to Beert, his face buried in his down. Eventually, though, Beert leveled off and the beating of his wings settled into a steady rhythm. Malcolm ventured a peek.

Crumblity crumb! The moon. It hung in the sky larger than the school’s clock face. And… “What are those lights in the sky?”

Beert ducked. “What? Where? Sometimes you have to watch out for fireworks. Or a lantern. Although not much in the winter.” “That sprinkle of lights.” Malcolm turned his head. “They’re everywhere!”

Beert looked again. “Stars above, Malcolm, you mean the stars above! You’ve heard of stars before, haven’t you?”

Malcolm had heard of stars, but nothing he had ever heard could have prepared him for this. They spread across the sky like jelly on a piece of bread. Malcolm felt he could look at them forever and never know them. Crumb, the Inside critters did have their pluses, but there were things out here that Malcolm couldn’t even imagine.

One of the things that I enjoyed about this book was that it was about animal. I really like animals. 🙂 I suggest that you read the book before this one, Malcolm at Midnight, before you read Malcolm Under the Stars.

This was a good book and I highly recommend it.


Written by Leona G., 11 yrs.




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