Princess in Calico, by Unknown

Princess in Calico was written by, well, Unknown!  To help you find it, it was published by Rod and Staff.  This books contains 92 pages and is a wonderful book for girls of all ages.

Princess in Calico is about a girl named Katura.  She lives on a farm with her father, step-mother, and step-siblings.  It is a life of drudgery for Katura, who longs for beauty.  Then, one day, her father recieves a letter from her aunt and uncle, who want Katura to come and visit them.  Katura eagerly accepts, and is soon in Boston.  She is greeted warmly, and is taken on many excursions.  On one of these jaunts, Katura meets a woman named Tryphosa.  This lady leads the girl to the Lord!  Soon, though, Katura is called back to the farm.  There, she serves the Lord till her death.

This book is so compelling that it almost made me cry!  Katura had to go through many hardships, but she served God in it all.  I highly recommend it to all young ladies.


Written by Leona G, 11 yrs.

Have you read this book?

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