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  Jonas and Olivia was written by Victoria Minks.  This book contains 226 pages and takes place during the beginning of the Revolutionary War.

Olivia Wilkerson is sent to live with Jonas Carmichael after her father, a renowned Baptist lawyer, passes away.  Jonas was her father’s best friend when they were both young.  Jonas didn’t know that Chauncey Wilkerson had died, and was also unaware that Olivia would be living with him.  He is an old, secluded man and does not want to have a young girl living with him.  He sends out letters, trying to find someone to take her.

Olivia is not happy when she arrives at Jonas’s mansion.  She is still mourning her father, and living with an old, grouchy man does not make her very happy.  Still, she finds comfort in trying to talk to Ishmael, the servant boy, and in making friends with Nabby Culpepper, a girl from the village.

As the book continues, we learn more about Jonas’s background, and why he is so hardened.  I won’t tell you much about it, except that he has had much sorrow in his life.

One day, Olivia spots a carriage coming down the road, and sees it stop if front of the gates.  She runs outside to tell them that Jonas does not welcome visitors, but they tell her that they are her aunt and uncle, come to take her away.  She packs her clothes, and leaves with them.

Jonas gets a letter from someone else who is willing to take her, and goes after them, to tell her.  He cannot find her, though, and goes back to his house with a heavy heart.

  Will Jonas and Olivia get re-united?  Will there be a happily-ever-after?  Read the book to find out!


My Review:

I really enjoyed reading this book.  It is the first book by Victoria Minks that I have read, and it certainly my expectations.  I especially liked how Olivia (spoiler alert!) taught Ishmael to read.  I also loved how Jonas ever… so… slowly… warmed up to Olivia.

The beginning of this book was a little slow, but for the last half of it, I was on the edge of my seat!  For this reason only, I would like to give it four stars (instead of five)!  Jonas and Olivia deserves a huge round of applause!



 Interview with Victoria Minks!!!

Thanks for joining us today, Victoria!

1) What/who inspired you to write Jonas and Olivia
–It’s going to sound funny, but I sort of “met” one of the main characters, Jonas, in my head one day. I wasn’t brainstorming or anything… he just popped in my head and was like “Hey there! My name is Jonas!” From there on out I slowly learned more and more about who he was, his story, etc until it was finally pretty much a fully formed plot-line.
2) What was the hardest part of writing Jonas and Olivia?

–Figuring out Olivia’s character, probably. She took a bit more time to develop fully, and I spent a long time trying to understand her better and ‘dig deeper’.

3) What is the age range for this book?
–I think it’s the kind of book that most any age would enjoy. It’s family-friendly, but maybe the age range that would like it the best is 12-18.
4) What are your standards for books you read?
–My personal convictions lead me to ruling out books with sci-fi, fantasy genre, magic, over-the-top violence, glorification of sin, crude or bad language, or wrong relationships. I also prefer not to read most Christian romance. I’m not against romance, (It’s a natural, God-designed thing) but it just has to be done in the right way, and even in Christian books they tend to fall short of my preferences. 🙂
I do read books with flawed characters or characters who make mistakes. People in real life sin or make bad decisions, and seeing a character grow (or the results of them not repenting) I find valuable. As long as it’s presented in a clean way, of course! 🙂 I also read “non-Christian” books as long as is it is morally edifying and wholesome.
5) Are you planning on making this book into a series?
–Not really. In the back of the book you can find a link to three free short stories about the Culpepper family (who is featured in Jonas and Olivia a bit). I plan on writing more and eventually publishing a collection of Culpepper Tales, but that’s about it.
6) Where can we find your book?
–If you check out my link here, you can get to it easily: Or you can search “Jonas and Olivia” on 🙂
7) What are some tips you have for aspiring writers?
–Keep at it. The more you write the better you get. Don’t lose courage–if you’re writing for the Lord He will help you! 🙂
If you want extra tips/tricks, writing workbooks and more check out my blog at


About the author:

   Victoria Minks was born in Oklahoma but moved to Japan as a missionary kid at age 3. Since then, she has enjoyed the life of a foreigner in four different locations in Japan.
An avid bookworm ever since she can remember, she has cultivated a desire for telling stories since a young age.
She has multiple favorites, but a few of them would be chocolate, music, historical fiction, horses, cowboy boots, old books, and rain. She believes life is a gift from God full of whimsical beauty and strives to honor God in it.

Link to Victoria’s blog HERE

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