Malcolm At Midnight, by W.H. Beck

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Malcolm at Midnight was written by W. H. Beck and contains 265 pages. This fiction book takes place at McKenna Elementary School in Clearwater, WI.

This book is about a rat named Malcolm. He is small for a rat, and thus, many people think he is a rat. He is taken from a pet store to live as a classroom pet. The teacher in this classroom is named Mr. Binney. Malcolm discovers that he can get out of his cage. on is first night out, he sees a meeting of classroom pets. They call themselves Midnight Academy. These extraordinary animals find Malcolm and he joins their group. Malcolm discovers several mysteries and, in the end, saves the day.

There is one book after this, called Malcolm Under the Stars.  I reviewed it HERE.

This book is very good and  I highly recommend it.

Written by Leona G., 11 yrs.


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