Just Thirteen, by Dorcas Mast

Just Thirteen by Dorcas R. Mast

Pansy took one last breath of the tangy fall air and shut the window with a bang. ‘Glorious fall!’ she exulted..’Autumn without a doubt, is the most wonderful time of the year. It makes me feel able to do anything.
A few minutes later down stairs in the kitchen, she announces exuberantly to the family, ‘I feel in my bones that today something great is going to happen.’
Something did happen. In fact, Pansy is the kind of girl who seems to make things happen, although this particular time, someone else brought the happening to pass. (…)
Pansy has just turned thirteen, and realizes that since she is now a teenager, she is on the way to growing up-and growing up means becoming a lady. But she is sure she is never going to be able to be the kind of lady she should be.
Her thirteenth year is an exciting and busy one with family fun and activities, school troubles and success, and Christian parents to guide and steer Pansy through all the happenings- and ideal situation for a lively girl who is Just Thirteen.’ ~from Goodreads

(I’m sorry that the description is so long; I couldn’t figure out what part(s) to remove. 🙂 )

Title: Just Thirteen

Author: Dorcas R. Mast

Genre: Mennonite Contemporary Fiction

Rating: PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Content: 4/5~ there wasn’t anything inappropriate, I just didn’t completely agree with the theology. 🙂

My Review:

This book was very relatable to me, a (almost) thirteen-year-old. Many of the things that Pansy went through apply to me, although she is was a Mennonite. Most of the things that happened in the book could have happened to me. 😛

I did not agree with all of the theological stuff (for example, when she got “baptized”, it sounded like they only sprinkled her?? {I believe in immersion}). Also, I’m not quite sure what they meant by saying “Christian”. (ex: they said that some of the teens/preteens were Christians, while others weren’t. In my (Baptist) circles I would take that to mean that some had not accepted Christ as their Savior, while others had. ??? I’m not familiar with Mennonite theology, so if anyone knows, let me know! 🙂 )That was not clear to me. But, all in, all, this was a great book. 🙂 And, I ❤ the cover. I NEED TO KNOW WHO DREW/PAINTED IT!!! 🙂

So, basically, (man, this is turning into a super long review!) I did enjoy this very much, just would not recommend it for younger readers, as it might cause them to question what their parents teach about baptism, etc. 🙂 But, for me, I loved it. ❤



4 thoughts on “Just Thirteen, by Dorcas Mast

  1. Elise says:

    Awesome! I agree with what you mean about the theology. I am not Mennonite, so I don’t know either, but I concur with you, the cover art is beautiful! You might be able to find the artist for the cover art on either the back cover of the book or on the copyright page.

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