Peril on Providence Island, by C. R. Hedgcock

I am SOO sorry that I forgot to post yesterday; we had some missionaries that had spoke at our church on Wednesday over for lunch, and I played outside with the neighbor kids after they left, and then we had people over for dinner… crazy (but fun) day! Anyways, please forgive me for going off schedule. 😉
Oh, and expect a blog tour in two weeks (I’ll be posting between now and then, but just wanted to let you know- don’t ask why; I really don’t know. Wow, I’m really being random today… *gets fed up with self* anyways…ON TO THE REVIEW!!!)
Peril on Providence Island (Baker Family Adventures #2)
“The Bakers are full of excitement as they head to the English countryside to celebrate Grandfather Wilson’s eightieth birthday. When an elderly neighbor with Alzheimer’s disease tells a tale of treasure lost on the high seas, the Bakers are sure she has confused reality with fiction. But as they find information that supports Old Marge’s story, they begin wondering whether there is truth in it after all.

Can the discovery of an ancient treasure help Old Marge stay in her beloved cottage and out of a nursing home? This question sends the Bakers on a swashbuckling adventure of mystery and peril, following an old diary through mysterious caves and a maze of clues in search of the missing treasure. Along the way, their quest is marked by amazing providences that point to this key conclusion: God’s ways are always right and true.” ~from Goodreads


Title:  Peril on Providence Island

Author: C. R. Hedgcock

Genre: Christian Contemporary Mystery/Adventure Fiction (which I’m sure is not an genre, but whatever. lol)

Rating: PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Content: 5/5

My Review:

AAAAHH! This book was SOOO good!!! 🙂 I mean; the action! the suspense! This was better than the first Baker Family Adventure, in my opinion. 😉 It was SUPER good. I should probably give more details:

SPOILER ALERT!! The Bakers go to England for Mr. Baker’s father’s 80th birthday. While there, they meet an elderly lady, who tells them a story of treasure, under the sea. Anyways, long story short, they end up going to this island, finding the chest of gold, and fighting off and catching bad guys. *smiles* My kind of story, folks. 🙂 My synopsis there sounds terrible cliche, but it wasn’t, really. 😉 Annnnddd… You really have to read this, folks. I’m serious. It is GOOD!! 🙂 SPOILER END!!
So, basically, this was a WONDERFUL, ACTION PACKED book. A must read. 🙂


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