The Candy Book Tag {my first tag on here!!!}


Hello, everyone! We’re trying something new today- a tag!

*for those who were wondering, I only do tags related to books on here. 🙂 So please tag me! (for tags like that)


Neria tagged me. Thanks, Neria! I’m really looking forward to doing this. 🙂


I’ll have to go with Neria’s answer, since I can’t think of one right now… and I have read Beautiful Girlhood, and it was kinda dry in places. So… “Mine is Beautiful Girlhood.” 🙂


milk chocolate

Since I’m currently raving about London in the Dark (on Goodreads, to my family, etc), I’ll pick that one. IT IS SOOO GOOD!!! A mystery, historical fiction, AHHH!!! 🙂

BLACK JELLY BEANSwhy do these exist

In defense of black jelly beans, they are good!!! But, for a book that I didn’t like… hmm… *checks Goodreads* Since I can’t think of one that I really didn’t like (usually I can tell from the back cover if I’ll not like it, and therefore don’t read it), I’ll pick Homeschool: An American History by Milton Gaither. It wasn’t bad, necessarily, but it was very boring. 😛

chocolate kisses

I don’t read romance (unless I don’t know that it’s in a book). But, I’ll have to say either The Old River Road or London in the Dark (again, I know!). In both of these, the romance was not really a main part of the story (in London it wasn’t even mentioned until the last few chapters, and in TORR it wasn’t inappropriate, was carried out in the right way {courtship}, and was- just sweet! and not unrealistic!).


Hmm… I’m not one for horror, either, so I don’t really read much scary stuff… *checks Goodreads again* OH NOW I KNOW!! This one is perfect for this: The Tombs of Anak. Frank Peretti writes THE SCARIEST books!! I mean, seriously! I can’t say that I checked under my bed after reading this, but I may or may not have had bad dreams. 😉


Umm… Errr… (I guess I shouldn’t type out all of my thoughts… xD) Well, I hate to say this, but my Bible. I read it through in a year last year, and it was hard! It was definitely worth it, though. 😉


I’d have to say… I still read children’s sometimes! Usually when I’m bored or when I’m reading to my little siblings, but… okay, you want my favorite? TOTALLY Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type! I mean, this book is HILARIOUS!! The other books in this series are fun, too, but I’d have to say that this is still my favorite. 😉


Thanks for reading and putting up with all of my “ums”, everyone!

(by the way, Goodreads came in VERY handy for this tag. HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO REMEMBER BOOKS LIKE THAT?!? 😛 )

I tag:

Kellyn Roth @ Reveries Reviews

Anika @ This Journey Called Life

Crystal @ Crystal’s Adventures for Christ

Kate Willis @ Once Upon an Ordinary

Elise @ A Lamp to Her Feet


11 thoughts on “The Candy Book Tag {my first tag on here!!!}

  1. Enni says:

    Cool answers!! I have done the Candy Book Tag before though, and actually I’ve already tagged Elise! But I’ll have to look into a lot of your books! 👏🏻👏🏻

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Maddy says:

    Frank Peretti’s books are the scariest! I absolutely love them though. 😂 I just finished “House” by him, and yeah, it was pretty creepy but I loved it!

    Oh, I’ve been wanting to read London in the Dark! I am hoping to get it soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Elise says:

    Neat! Thanks for tagging me! I got the notification and set up part of a post to publish later. 😉 And no worries-I didn’t know Enni tagged me! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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