Books I got for my 13th birthday

Yes, you get a bonus post! I didn’t see any opportunities for posting this soon (on schedule), so I decided to do it today instead. 🙂

Books I got for my 13th birthday graphic.png

For those of you who don’t know, my birthday was on the 7th. All of my wonderful friends and family who know me well also know that I love to read, so guess what they got for me? Books, of course! Some of these I had already read, and wanted to have, and others I hadn’t even heard of. I’m going to “introduce” you to these wonderful books and give a link to my review on Goodreads (except for the ones that I haven’t read yet).

((click on the links under the covers to go to the books’ Amazon pages- my affiliate links))

I have been wanting this book for awhile, and a sweet lady in our church was so kind and bought it for me. However, I was a bit disappointed in it. Read my review to find out why.


((sorry for the very horrible picture))

To tell you the truth, I really wasn’t very interested in this book when I got it. I don’t know, but the cover didn’t look like something I would like (yes, I’m one of those people who judge a book by its cover but don’t we all really??). However, I really enjoyed it! I wrote a really short review that really didn’t do it justice… sorry! 🙂

Yes, I finally have my very own paperback copy of London in the Dark!!! My kind little brothers, who knew I wanted it, pooled their resources and bought it for me. ❤ I have posted my original review on here (London in the Dark BLOG TOUR!!!), but I did edit it a bit (hehehe- get it? Edit It a Bit? 😛 ) after I read it for the second time. You can read my edited review here.

I got this book from one of my brothers. I have started it, and it is much different from your usual ghost story; I might post my review on here when I have finished it. 😉

I greatly enjoyed this book! It was a romance, which I don’t usually read, but I loved it because it had a twist. Read more in my review (but a warning: if you click the spoiler tags, you will most certainly be spoiled. 😛 )

With this book it was kind of like how I felt about Left to Die; I had high expectations and they weren’t completely met. Click here for my full review.

One of my best friends gave me this wonderful book, and I highly recommend it. You can find my review here.

Okay, so I have saved my favorite new find for last. I had read the Great Illustrated Classics version of this book, and it was okay, but not my favorite. The unabridged version, though? ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! ❤ It is so much better than the other! Read my full (if fan-girly) review here.

Well, that turned into a mini-review-ish post. 🙂 My very first!

Oh, and one more non-book-related thing: I got a purity ring for my birthday! My parents gave it to me, and I love it. So pretty! ❤ Picture below:


Sorry, this isn’t that good of a pic… :/

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this post!



Is your birthday in the month of September?

Have you read any of these books?

Do you have a purity ring?


15 thoughts on “Books I got for my 13th birthday

  1. Jordy Leigh says:

    I’m excited to read your review of “The Legend of Annie Murphy”! I read it years ago. I remember being dubious most of the way through the book, but I loved the conclusion and how the author pulled everything together at the end. Isn’t it strange how when you really like a book you want everyone else to feel the same way about it? I hope you like The Legend of Annie-Murphy, too. 🙂 Have you read other books by the author?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Crystal says:

    Er, I think I’ve read two of them. You probably know what they are, lol. Even though I gave you the Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, I never actually read it. Perhaps I’ll borrow it from you some time, if that’s alright. 😉
    I want a purity ring. I needs it. I’ve heard of one, but for some reason I never ask my parents for one. Maybe I hope they’ll figure it out somehow? Why do I expect people to read my mind?? lol

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kaitlyn S. says:

    Happy late birthday!! Have fun with all your reading — I think I have read all but two of these and they are all fun =)

    Your ring is pretty — my parents gave me a purity ring for my 18 birthday and I absolutely love it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • ilovereading2 says:

      Oh, that’s great! I only actually know two people who have one (and I didn’t know they had one until after I got mine), and I can’t say I’ve heard of them before, so I was totally surprised when they gave it to me. ❤ It was a great surprise!! 🙂


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