Movie Review: The Runner from Ravenshead

This is my first movie review. These past few months have had a lot of firsts (posts on Mondays, inspirational post, etc…)! 🙂 Plus, this is the 77 post on this blog! Wow! Time has flown by. Anyways, let’s get on into the post. 🙂


   “‘Pilgrim’s Progress meets Little Rascals’ in this fun action/adventure movie featuring an all-children cast. The Runner from Ravenshead is an allegory about finding refuge and rest from the metaphorical wardens we face in life.
   “After a daring escape from Ravenshead Prison, Sam finds herself in worse trouble trying to outrun the relentless wardens. But help is on the way – kind of. Henry, janitor for the City of Refuge Guide Service, is unexpectedly thrust into the line of duty when all the trained guides are called out on other missions. As he sets out on his long- awaited first assignment, he gets more adventure than he bargained for. Will the enthusiastic but awkward amateur guide persuade Sam to trust him before it’s too late?
“An allegory about finding refuge and rest from the metaphorical wardens and prisons we face in life, THE RUNNER FROM RAVENSHEAD, featuring an all-children cast, is a fascinating and fun movie for all ages that weaves a profound message into an action-packed adventure.”

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Title: The Runner from Ravenshead

Producer: Little Crew Studios

Year Made: 2010

My Rating:

Romance Content: None whatsoever!

Recommended age range: 4-15

My Review:

I was introduced to this marvelous movie when I was about seven or eight, if I remember right. It has been a family favorite ever since!
This is an action-packed allegory that even the youngest viewer can understand and enjoy (okay, maybe not the youngest… let’s just say that my four-year-old sister understood what was going on). The main themes are redemption and mercy (at least that’s what I picked up on), which I just loved. ❤

From what I have gathered, there are only five actors who are in the movie. That, in and of itself, is pretty amazing! Plus, all of the actors are children, which I loved. 🙂

There are a couple scenes where there are a bunch of people, so I assume that they must have done some photo-shopping (or whatever the equivalent is for movies… lol). The kids are so adorable! Ike especially… when he lisps something out we all laugh, because he’s just sooo cute (he’s only two). 🙂

So, basically, this is a must-watch, and I highly recommend it. 🙂


Have you watched this movie?

Should I do more movie reviews?

Let me know in the comments! 🙂


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