Radiant Hearts Website Launch Update…

Hello, everyone! I just realized today that I probably should have been posting every day about the RHM website launch… but I never got around to it. *cringes* Sorry! This post is basically a recap of the tour. If you haven’t checked out the wonderful posts and blogs, I would greatly appreciate it if you did. 🙂

On Monday, the first day of the tour  (and the first full day when the website was live; shh, don’t tell, but I actually made it live the night before, because I wasn’t sure if I would get up in time to do it by 6am… and I was right! 😛 ), we only had one person posting. Bekah, from Bekah’s Books, was the star of the show! She wrote a very encouraging and exciting post that I really appreciated. You can check it out by clicking here.

The next day, January 2nd, had two posters: Medomfo and Chloe P. They both wrote wonderful posts… and I’ll let you in on a secret (okay, so it’s not really a secret…): Chloe helped me with designing the website! I never could have done it without her. Thanks, Chloe! ❤

And today is the final day of the tour! Two young ladies posted today, and I really enjoyed reading their posts. Kaitlyn has been an encouragement to me ever since she found out about this magazine, and Hanne was helpful in that she mentioned that we are looking for photographers and writers (most people didn’t do that, since I didn’t put it in the email I sent out).

Thank you so much, to all of you who posted for this blog tour! And another big thank you to those who took the time to read the posts! I appreciate you all. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Radiant Hearts Website Launch Update…

  1. Hanne T says:

    It was my pleasure helping you launch your new website/magazine! Congratulations, and I’m looking forward to contributing!

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