Hunting in the Highlands, by C.R. Hedgcock

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   “After the perils of Iceland, the Bakers  plan to enjoy a relaxing vacation with their relatives, the Drakes, in Scotland. Andy goes deer stalking with Uncle Clive, Abby goes horse-back riding and sightseeing with Phil and their cousin Millie, and Tom travels with his parents to the Isle of Bute.

   “Three incidents throw the trip into a spiral of confusion, and, scattered across Scotland, the Bakers have clues that don’t seem to belong to the same puzzle. A government weapon has fallen into the hands of a top-secret  academy, and the only way to stop the spread of dangerous lies is to find the weapon and discover the significance of the name ‘Haelix.’” ~from Grace and Truth Books

Title: Hunting in the Highlands

Author: C.R. Hedgcock

Genre(s): Christian Fiction

Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ (five stars)

Romance Content: None.

Recommended age range: I know an ten-year-old who is reading it to an eight-year-old, and they are both enjoying it, but some of the content might be a little confusing to younger children… I admit that I didn’t fully understand everything the main characters were talking about… but more about that in the review. 😉 I’d say 12+ would be a good age to read it.

My Review:

Wow. I’m pretty sure that this is my favorite book in the Baker Family Adventure series, and I’ve read them all (but I’ve only reviewed The Treacherous Trail and Peril on Providence Island on this blog). It was so complex; I’m sure I could never write a book as intricate as the Baker Family Adventures- kudos to Miss Hedgcock! One thing I like about this series is that you don’t always know what is going on. I’m a mystery lover, and I’ve read a lot of mystery books. A lot of times, it’s pretty easy to figure out who did it, or whatever, but in this series, you don’t figure it out until the author reveals it. ❤ I love it!

For part of the book, some of the main characters (SLIGHT SPOILER!! Mr. Jigson, Tom, Alistair {one of my personal favorites <3}, Dr. Roth, and Detective Mortimer SPOILER END!!) are trying to crack a code, and they end up talking about DNA and stuff. That totally went over my head, but it was still very interesting! Don’t let it turn you off. 😉

The only reason why I cannot fully recommend this book is because the King James Bible is not used. Other than that, it was great!

Anyway! This was a totally amazing book. I think it is my favorite Baker Family Adventure. You definitely need to read it!! 🙂 Enjoy! ❤

If you have read the book, and you want to read my fangirly notes, feel free to read on. But if you haven’t, I would recommend not reading any farther; huge spoilers ahead! My favorite parts:

  • When the Bakers, the policemen, Briosa, Wylie, and the Freylads are all in jail together (well, Briosa and Wylie aren’t supposed to be in jail, but… 😛 )… VERY exciting. 😀
  • When Abby is escaping with the Freylads… it’s amazing how good they are with tracking!
  • Alistair. He’s so smart, but tricky, and I just really like him for some reason. {I hope he comes to the Lord in a coming book!!! Pllleeeaaassseee, Miss Hedgcock!!! <3}
  • The submarine- it’s so amazing how they stole it. Just… wow.
  • When Millie, Alistair, and Abby are trying to find the tape on the tower thing… it’s so cool they were all dressed perfectly for the reenactment!
  • Just how you can see how everything worked out for the good, and how the Bakers trusted God through it all. ❤

2 thoughts on “Hunting in the Highlands, by C.R. Hedgcock

  1. Alyssa says:

    I’m NOT going to let myself read that list of spoilers! Haha! I’ve read the first two books and I think we’re getting the third one soon! Love this series!! 😀

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