Speak Truth in Your Heart, by Sarah Mally

   “Many girls try to change their wrong actions, but never learn to discern the wrong thinking behind the actions. In this new book, Sarah Mally challenges girls to identify lies which are root issues behind struggles they face. Including thought-provoking cartoons, stories, biblical teaching, and practical steps of action, this book teaches girls to replace lies with the truth and align their thinking with God’s Word. When a young lady learns to speak truth TO herself, she is planting her feet upon an unshakable foundation that will resist even the most powerful attacks of the enemy. She will see how God’s Word will transform each area of her life as the truth sets her free!” ~from www.christianbook.com

Title: Speak Truth In Your Heart

Author: Sarah Mally

Genre(s): Christian Non-Fiction

Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ (four stars)

Romance Content: It talks about saving your heart for your future husband and includes other people’s stories of how God brought them together, but there is no negative romance content (e.g. glorifying sin, etc).

Recommended age range: 13+, because of some topics which are discussed (nothing in detail, but it does talk a little about physical purity).

My Review:

This book was amazing. Miss Mally does not water down the truth in it at all; her statements are backed up with truth from God’s Word. The first part didn’t really affect me- I learned from it but it didn’t impact me much- but the second half was amazing. It was convicting and helpful. I really appreciate Miss Mally’s encouragement to be strong for the Lord and to always obey Him.

The one main downside to this book that I was disappointed in was the fact that the King James Bible is only used for one verse (that I remember). NKJV is used for most of the book, and other versions are also used. This was disappointing to me because in all the rest of the Mallys’ books (I’m pretty sure, at least) the King James Bible is used exclusively. It took away from my reading of the book because I skipped over the verses that were not KJB, which was the majority.

Otherwise, I would highly recommend this book! It was an excellent and worthwhile read.

Buyers’ tip: I bought my copy from Christian Book; they seemed to have the best price when I bought it. (Also, when looking for the best deals for other books, check out BookFinder. They search most retail websites; I’m not sure about small businesses.)



5 thoughts on “Speak Truth in Your Heart, by Sarah Mally

  1. Grace says:

    I’ve read and really liked Before you Meet Prince Charming and Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends by Sarah Mally, so I’ll have to see if my library has this! Great review!

  2. Rosy Marr says:

    I have really wanted to read this book for a while! I have read “Before you Meet Prince Charming” by Sarah, and really loved it. The cover is also really neat and pretty! I think I would enjoy this book a lot. 🙂 The Bible version wouldn’t bother me, as I am not KJV only. Thanks for the review, Leona!!! 😀

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