The Happy Mail Challenge!

I apologize that I do not have a book review for you today, but the sad truth is that I have not read any excellent books recently- besides the Bible! Instead, I thought I would share with you a challenge that I created recently!

A little more than a week ago (at the writing of this post), I was pleasantly surprised to receive a beautifully decorated envelope in the mail! Upon opening it, I found two gorgeous hand lettered bookmarks and a sweet note from one of my out-of-state friends. I write letters to several friends, but this one I just email, so I don’t often receive something in the mail from her. Getting that thoughtful little note + gifts just made my day!

Then I thought of an idea: what if I did the same thing for some of my other friends? I collected the favorite Bible verses of some my friends that don’t live nearby and hand lettered them onto bookmarks. I wrote little notes to go with the bookmarks, letting my friends know that I am praying for them, and challenging them to…

So, here are the rules for the happy mail challenge:

  1. Make a little gift for one (or more!) of your friends. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; just a little cheery note would be fine! 
  2. Write out a Bible verse or two and include it in the envelope! Encouraging your friends in the Lord is wonderful! (I love it when my friends talk about spiritual things with me!)
  3. Challenge your friend to make some happy mail and send it to another friend!

Hopefully, this will encourage lots of girls to reach out to friends that they don’t always write to, and will build friendships that will last a lifetime, built on the Word of God!

After doing the challenge, I would love it if you would comment and let me know that you did! Thank you!


6 thoughts on “The Happy Mail Challenge!

  1. Hanne T says:

    This is such a good idea! I’ve been meaning to write snail mail for a really long time, but haven’t gotten around to it, but this idea is so cute and I’m looking forward to doing it!

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