The Coming Destruction of the Baptist People, by James R. Beller

   “The Baptists in America are in mortal danger. Our churches face extinction and our principles extermination. Our enemies deem our principles dangerous. The antichrist himself will not tolerate our theology and practice.

   “This book is about the antichrist, and the New World Order. It is about the foundations of American government and the direction of our country. It is about Baptist principles and the foundation of liberty.

   “The dismantling of the Baptist churches has been an ongoing thing, which we will prove in this book. And there are questions that demand answers.”~from

Title: The Coming Destruction of the Baptist People (or Sacred Betrayal)

Author: James R. Beller

Genre(s): Christian Non-Fiction

Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ (four stars)

Romance Content: N/A

Recommended age range: 13+

My Review:

This was a very interesting book! The title made me think it would be gloomy, but Mr. Beller supported the title very well, as he gives good reasons for “the coming destruction of the Baptist people”. I appreciated learning more about Baptist history through this book. (Side note: if you are interested in Baptist history, I would also recommend America in Crimson Red, by the same author.) I think it would be good for every person who holds to Baptist doctrine to read this book; it emphasizes the need for us to know our roots- definitely a very important principle.

There were a couple things that I did not like about this book: (1) I did find multiple typos, and (2) it is a little outdated (my edition was from 2005, and there were a couple things that it would have been good to have an updated version for).  But really, I can’t think of any reason why I would not recommend this book!

7 thoughts on “The Coming Destruction of the Baptist People, by James R. Beller

  1. Kiara says:

    I’m sorry that I said that . Please forgive me . And I’m very sorry for asking you how old you are. Please forgive me.

  2. Kiara says:

    I honestly think you were rude to me by not telling me how old you are. I think that is ridiculous to not say how old you are online. I was only trying to be friendly. Even if you did not want me to know old you are you should have wrote it a little nicely.

    • Leona says:

      My parents have given me certain guidelines for interaction online. These are for my own protection and safety since it is hard to know exactly who I am communicating with online. I apologize if I came across as rude or unkind!

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