Approved By God, by Wright/Townsend

   “A highly-regarded, articulate, and brilliant Presbyterian pastor from Virginia debated for a week in 1847 to the Virginia legislature to stop a bill incorporating churches in the state. The Baptist pastors in that day were solidly behind him. He was their champion for freedom and won the day. One-hundred fifty-six years later, a well-known Baptist pastor from Virginia challenged this law in court, and the law was struck down as unconstitutional. The state offered no opposition. The ACLU joined the church as a friend. Why? This book answers. And, these answers are backed by solid Scriptural insight, historical evidence, and sound reasoning. This book will satisfy the questions of anyone who is willing to honestly weigh the evidence with a humble heart.” ~the back cover

Title: Approved by God: A Case for Modern Disestablishment

Author(s): John Wright, James Wright, and Ben Townsend

Genre(s): Non-Fiction

Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ (five stars)

Recommended age range: 13+, because of complicated things that I didn’t understand all of 😀

My Review:

This was an excellent book! It is most certainly well-researched, well-written, and compelling to anyone who wants the truth. It was very interesting, and I appreciate especially the P.A.Q. (Previously Asked Questions) section in the back of the book, as it helps with some difficulties that people think of. For anyone that is interested in restoring Christ to His rightful place as sole Sovereign of His Church, I recommend this book! I think it would be good for every pastor (and everyone else!) to read it.

Note: A paperback copy of this book on Amazon is (as of 04/07/2019) $1,306.95, so if you’re looking to buy a copy of it, please read the review on Amazon. 😉

Have you read this book?

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