Tattered Wings- RELEASE TOUR!

Today I am very pleased to participate in the release tour for Tattered Wings, by Kassie Angle. I was happy to be able to read this book! Let’s get to the review.

Some scars can’t be seen. And some can’t be hidden.

Layla Trent’s life is pretty much perfect, except for the little matter of a dog of her own—and maybe a brother. So why does a random nightmare of a princess dress, a hospital, and a stranger who’s definitely not her daddy feel more like an aching wound? And can a broken, glassy-eyed puppy somehow help her release the pain she didn’t even know she was carrying?

Corporal Andrew Reyes has proven he has what it takes to be the best—a US Army Ranger. But when a double tragedy rocks his world, his resolve is shaken to the core. What’s left for a man to live for when he’s lost everything he ever wanted to be? And is the sudden appearance of a teenage girl with a three-legged dog a cruel joke or a divine appointment?

“Some scars can’t be hidden. But some don’t need to be.” ~synopsis

Title: Tattered Wings

Author: Kassie Angle

Genre(s): Christian Military Fiction

Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ (four stars)

Romance Content: N/A

Recommended age range: 12+

My Review:

FTC disclosure: I was given an ebook copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to give an honest review. All thoughts are my own.

Wow. This was the first book I read by this author, and I’ll have to wait to see which will be my favorite. This one was pretty amazing. I connected with Layla and her confused rambling in her journal somehow, and there was so much emotion packed into the book in general… how did Miss Kassie do that?!?

While this may be the first, if not one of the first, books I’ve read about the army, and I’ve never heard of Rangers, it was pretty cool. I don’t know much about the army at all, but this gave me more sympathy and maybe more understanding of soldiers.

The parallels between Ranger and CPL Reyes were so cool: I know a human author wrote this, but it was amazing how God used Ranger to help CPL Reyes heal!

Although previous parts made me want to cry, this was the quote that actually brought tears to my eyes… though they didn’t overflow (I’m not a huge cryer): “He’d want you to say goodbye.” And also the end was amazingly sweet. ❤

I know this wasn’t a very enthusiastic review… maybe I’m just a little dazed. 😛 But I would enjoy reading this again, I would recommend it to anyone (even those who don’t know much about the army, like me), and I’m looking forward to reading more by Miss Kassie Angle.

Just a note: that I remember, there wasn’t a clear salvation testimony in this book, and at one point, the MC talks to a dead person.

And here’s a quote that I liked:

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The author: Kassie Angle is a teenaged Christian author, cowgirl, therapy dog trainer, stereotypical INFJ, and Army girl to the core. Her first love, i.e. debut novel, O to be Like Thee, swept her unsuspectedly into the world of indie authors. She tries to use her stories to fill the silences in literature, helping more people understand the world of the Army and showing how God heals the broken-hearted. You can find her and more of her writing at SoldierGirlStories.com.

Here’s a link to the author’s post for today!

Finding Change, by Sarah Maxwell

Image result for Finding Change by Sarah Maxwell

photo from Google/originally from titus2.com

Title: Finding Change

Author: Sarah Maxwell

Genre(s): Christian Children’s Fiction

Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ (five stars)

Romance Content: None.

Recommended age range: 8+

My Review:

I think this is the best book by Miss Sarah Maxwell yet! The characters and plot were well developed, the writing was excellent, and I agree with the reviewer on the back of the book who said it could have been named “Zero Gravity” because it was hard to put down. 🙂 I’m looking forward to future installments to the series! I definitely recommend this book.

Sunshine Country, by Kristina Roy


Cover courtesy of Goodreads.com

Palko is part of a mystery, several in fact, but he doesn’t know that. The only mystery he knows is the one that involves the hidden cave and the secret book that shows the way to the Sunshine Country – and Palko longs to go there. He has heard that in that land there is no darkness or fear, sickness or weeping. Soon he has his grandfather, Uncle Martin and the whole village wondering about the amazing little book that tells them such wonderful truths about the love of God and the forgiveness of sins. Even Father Malina starts to ask questions. But then there is the mystery about Palko’s past and another little boy who went missing – Uncle Martin is trying to find him and Palko promises to do the same. Will they find the little boy after such a long time? Are they in fact looking in the right place? Perhaps the mystery isn’t so mysterious after all.” ~from Goodreads.com

Title: Sunshine Country: A Story of Czechoslovakia

Author:  Kristina Roy

Genre: Christian Historical Fiction??

Rating: PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Content: 10/5

My Review:

I ❤ ❤ ❤ THIS BOOK!!! Just lovely! 🙂 I love how SPOILER!! so many people get saved as a result of one little boy. SPOILER END!! Just-the whole thing! It is so nice to see people searching for Christ, and finding Him. The only thing that I didn’t like was the part about the Catholic priest; he never rejected Catholicism after he got saved for real… of course, SPOILER!! he died very soon after SPOILER END!!, but still… Oh, well! This was still a WONDERFUL book! ❤ LOVE IT! Please, everyone! Put this on your to-read list or I will hunt you down until you do. Oh, and BTW, I love the description above, too. 😉 So mysterious, it is perfect for the book. 🙂

(And please excuse my ranting and raving; just YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK!!! :P)

Just Thirteen, by Dorcas Mast

Just Thirteen by Dorcas R. Mast

Pansy took one last breath of the tangy fall air and shut the window with a bang. ‘Glorious fall!’ she exulted..’Autumn without a doubt, is the most wonderful time of the year. It makes me feel able to do anything.
A few minutes later down stairs in the kitchen, she announces exuberantly to the family, ‘I feel in my bones that today something great is going to happen.’
Something did happen. In fact, Pansy is the kind of girl who seems to make things happen, although this particular time, someone else brought the happening to pass. (…)
Pansy has just turned thirteen, and realizes that since she is now a teenager, she is on the way to growing up-and growing up means becoming a lady. But she is sure she is never going to be able to be the kind of lady she should be.
Her thirteenth year is an exciting and busy one with family fun and activities, school troubles and success, and Christian parents to guide and steer Pansy through all the happenings- and ideal situation for a lively girl who is Just Thirteen.’ ~from Goodreads

(I’m sorry that the description is so long; I couldn’t figure out what part(s) to remove. 🙂 )

Title: Just Thirteen

Author: Dorcas R. Mast

Genre: Mennonite Contemporary Fiction

Rating: PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Content: 4/5~ there wasn’t anything inappropriate, I just didn’t completely agree with the theology. 🙂

My Review:

This book was very relatable to me, a (almost) thirteen-year-old. Many of the things that Pansy went through apply to me, although she is was a Mennonite. Most of the things that happened in the book could have happened to me. 😛

I did not agree with all of the theological stuff (for example, when she got “baptized”, it sounded like they only sprinkled her?? {I believe in immersion}). Also, I’m not quite sure what they meant by saying “Christian”. (ex: they said that some of the teens/preteens were Christians, while others weren’t. In my (Baptist) circles I would take that to mean that some had not accepted Christ as their Savior, while others had. ??? I’m not familiar with Mennonite theology, so if anyone knows, let me know! 🙂 )That was not clear to me. But, all in, all, this was a great book. 🙂 And, I ❤ the cover. I NEED TO KNOW WHO DREW/PAINTED IT!!! 🙂

So, basically, (man, this is turning into a super long review!) I did enjoy this very much, just would not recommend it for younger readers, as it might cause them to question what their parents teach about baptism, etc. 🙂 But, for me, I loved it. ❤


Brave the Wild Trail, by Milly Howard


   “Florida after the Civil War was one long stretch of wilderness. Men had to struggle to feed and protect their families. Armed with the eighteen-foot bullwhips that earned them the name of “Crackers,” these men lived by hunting small game and by driving the wild yellowhammer cattle that haunted the scrub.

   “Eben Bramlett’s dream is to run a cattle drive down to Punta Rassa on the southern coast. His twelve-year-old son Josh, also expert with both horse and bullwhip, is his partner. Together they assemble a small company to begin the four-month trip to Punta Rassa. With rustlers, outlaws, and wolves ahead on the trail, they mount up and ride out.” (summary from Amazon.com)

Title: Brave the Wild Trail

Author: Milly Howard

Genre: Christian Historical Fiction

Rating: PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Content: 10/5 😉

My Review:

I loved this book! It was a great read for a quiet afternoon. 🙂 Nothing bad about it; it was even from a Christian perspective! It is a fairly short book (121 pages), but jam-packed with adventure. 😉 It had small mysteries scattered without (like MINOR SPOILER!!! “who was the man watching the cattle?” SPOILER END!!!), but I don’t think it was a main part of the story. Some girls may not enjoy it as much as I did, as a boy is the main character, and his mom is the only woman/girl in the book (PLOT SPOILER!!! they are on a cattle drive for most of it, and the other helpers are men and boys SPOILER END!!!), but I thought it was okay. 🙂 All in all (I feel like I’m saying that a lot at the end of my reviews…), this was a WONDERFUL book. 😉

Dash, by Kirby Lars


Picture from Goodreads

Dash was written by Kirby Larson.  It contains 243 pages. This book is a fiction novel and begins in Seattle, Washington.

Mitsue “Mitsi” Kashino is living in Seattle, WA during World War II.  When she starts school, her friends from last year reject her because of her ethnicity.  Mitsi tries to be friendly to them, but another girl steps in to take her place as their best friend.  Eventually, news comes that all people of Japanese descent must go to camps to live.  And the worst news of all: Mitsi must leave her beloved dog, Dash, behind!  Mitsi and her family find a neighbor lady to take care of Dash until they come back.  And they are off to the camp!

The first camp they go to has only plywood houses.  Mitsi’s whole family – 5 people – must share a very small shack.  In a letter to her dog, Mitsi complains that she has to step over her brother’s cot to get to her own! Eventually they get moved to another camp.  This one isn’t much better though – the first was muddy, but the next was very dusty.  The only good thing about it (as Mitsi wrote) was that her best friend’s shack was next to Mitsi’s.

Eventually the good news comes – pets are now allowed in the camps!  Mrs. Bowker, the lady who had taken care of Dash, brought him to Mitsi.  Mitsi, overjoyed, hugs him as hard as she can.  All is well again!

This would be a good book to read if you are learning about WW II.  I enjoyed the parts about Dash. 🙂


Written by Leona G.



Play Dead by Jane B. Mason and Sarah Hines Stevens


About This Book:

“Dodge, a retired police dog, and Cassie, his girl, are perfect partners. Quick on their (six) feet, driven to help, and willing to break a few rules, the two are always ready for a new mystery…       When Verdel Ward, the town’s richest man, disappears without leaving a will behind, everyone from the housekeeper to the mayor wants their hands on the fortune. But Dodge and Cassie smell a mystery – and they can’t help wondering about the suspicious fiancée and the twin brother nobody’s heard of. Who keeps tripping the alarm while sneaking around Ward’s mansion? And why is the new dog at the animal shelter so afraid of clues from Ward’s property? Together, Dodge and Cassie dig up clues and sniff out a trail that leads to a case much more sinister than a missing millionaire. Something’s not adding up, and the pair might be in over their heads. But this dog and his girl always collar their culprit!” Excerpt from the back of the book.

Title: Pay Dead

Author(s): Jane B. Mason and Sarah Hines Stephens

Series: A Dog and His Girl Mysteries

Genre: Contemporary Middle Grade Fiction

Rating: ♥♥♥♥


I really liked this book. It would be good for girls ages 8-12. It is very suspenseful in some places. Every other chapter is told by the dog, and you can understand things from a dog’s point of view. The only thing I don’t like about it that it doesn’t talk about God (which, I don’t think the author is not a Christian, so it kinda makes sense… :P).


Written By: Leona G., 10 yrs. old.

Zipper by Ellen Miles


Picture from http://www.scholastic.com

About This Book:

“Charles and Lizzie Peterson love puppies. Their family fosters these young dogs,giving them love and proper care, until they can find the perfect forever home. When Lizzie goes up to the mountains with her best friend, Maria, the girls think that they’re get a break from their dog-walking business. But then Zipper shows up and Lizzie can’t resist helping this adorable pup!” Exerpt from the back of the book.

Review: If you like dogs than this is the perfect series for you. I love dogs, and I also love this series. A great book! No bad words or anything, either. It would be great for ages 7-10. ♥♥♥♥♥

Series: The Puppy Place #34

Publisher: Scholastic Press

ISBN: 978054560381

Written By: Leona G., 10 yrs.