Footprints in the Barn

   "Who is the man in the green car? What is going on in the hayloft? Is there something wrong with the mailbox? And what's for lunch? The answers to these and many other interesting questions are found in the book Footprints in the Barn." ~from Buy on Amazon Title: Footprints in the Barn … Continue reading Footprints in the Barn


The Twin Arrows, by Kate Willis

           "Two children. Two journeys. Twin arrows. "Ryla follows her father's parting instructions as closely as she carries his gift. Her protectors are kind, and safety is certain inside the convent's strong walls. But now she must leave and what lies ahead is uncertain... "Her brother Drewin won't wait any longer. The knight promised … Continue reading The Twin Arrows, by Kate Willis

Brave the Wild Trail, by Milly Howard

   "Florida after the Civil War was one long stretch of wilderness. Men had to struggle to feed and protect their families. Armed with the eighteen-foot bullwhips that earned them the name of "Crackers," these men lived by hunting small game and by driving the wild yellowhammer cattle that haunted the scrub.    "Eben Bramlett's … Continue reading Brave the Wild Trail, by Milly Howard

Wild Thing by Dandi Daley Mackall

  About This Book: "Twelve-year-old Winnie Willis loves horses-just like her mother did. But since her mom died two years ago, Winnie, her sister, Lizzie, and her father have moved five times. Winnie never cared much-until now. She has a chance to buy the horse of her dreams at an up-coming auction, but how will she … Continue reading Wild Thing by Dandi Daley Mackall