Maria’s Story: 1773, by Joan Lowery Nixon

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About this book:

“When Maria Rind’s father dies, her mother is forced to carry on his work: writing and publishing  The Virginia Gazette, one of Williamsburg’s weekly newspapers. Nine-year-old Maria would like to help too, but her older brother is chosen to work at the press instead. That leaves Maria to look after her younger brothers- a task she does not enjoy. Then the newspaper comes under attack for its political reporting, and to make matters worse, the Rinds risk losing the press itself. Can Maria find a way to hold her family together?”

Excerpt from the back of the book.


I enjoyed this book very much. It tells of a young girl’s struggle to help her family  through some hard times. I also like it because it takes place in Williamsburg, Virginia in 1773. (My favorite type of book is Historical Fiction, other than Mysteries.)  It doesn’t talk about church, or anything spiritual, but doesn’t have bad language, or anything I would consider bad.

Series: Young Americans: Colonial Williamsburg


ISBN-13: 978-087935227

Written By: Leona G., 11 yrs.




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