Crossroads, by Paul Willis

Lethal persecution. Haunting decisions. Death just a whisper away.

“Jack grew up concealing his faith, but now the persecution of Christians has turned lethal. After inadvertently putting his family in danger, Jack becomes aware of a covert agency dedicated to protecting Christians. The agency takes his mother and sister to safety and offers him a position as an emergency medic within their ranks.

“Caring for the injured allows Jack to help their cause without violating his pacifistic beliefs, but he stands at odds with tough resistance fighter Britain. Grueling firefights, severe losses, and desperate choices test their beliefs as each of them seeks to save lives no matter the cost. But what is that cost?” ~from

Title: Crossroads

Author: Paul Willis

Genre(s): Christian Dystopian

Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ (five stars)

Romance Content: None, really…

Recommended age range: 12+, because of violence (not very descriptive, but still)

My Review:

Wow. This book was so incredible. It kept my attention extremely well… which maybe wasn’t a good thing, since I was reading when I probably could have been doing something useful :/ There was adventure around every corner. I loved how Britain and Jack both went through personal struggles that were very relatable. I think that deciding whether to be a pacifist or not is a huge struggle for Christians; we actually had a discussion on that in Sunday School a couple months ago. (It was very interesting because a lot of people had different views 😀 ) Anyway, I’m getting off subject. 😉 There were a couple things I didn’t like: “Thank God” was used about two times, once by a non-Christian. It seems like that could be used as a swear word, which I didn’t appreciate. I also found quite a few typos, which unfortunately seems to be common among Indie authors.
Besides those things, I loved this book! I would recommend it for ages 12+ because of violence and people believing in false gods and speaking badly of the true God. (Which reminds me: SPOILER!!! Laurion almost seemed like the antichrist, because he was so evil, but I don’t think he is. SPOILER END!!!
In short, I loved this book, especially since it really made me think.