Encouraging Blogs

Here are some blogs and websites that have encouraged me in my walk with Christ. May they encourage you as well. ❤

The Rains Family// Godly Music

April// Keeping it on the Bright Side

Kaitlyn S.// Maidens for Modesty

Myself and others// Radiant Hearts Magazine

Abbie// New Every Morning

Sarah Bryant and others// the King’s Blooming Rose (note: KBR no longer publishes magazines; however, you may find articles in their forum helpful)

Amanda Tero// With a Joyful Noise

Rebekah// More Radiance

Alyssa// Here is Love

Rebekah A. Morris// Read Another Page

Note: While I have been encouraged by most posts on these sites, there are occasional ones that I do not agree with. I may or may not support everything that each site promotes. Please use godly discretion while visiting websites, as well as when reading any books which I recommend. 😉