The Leland Stories

Meet the Lelands: Dad, Mom, Josiah, Mark, Sarah, Emily, Rose, and Silas. They are a (fictional) ordinary Christian homeschooling family that lives in Virginia and enjoys traveling and playing music.

“The Leland family is in Detroit with their grandpa for a family conference! Will Mark finally experience an adventure? Where did Grandpa and the boys go? Will the bad guys be caught? Why are all of these things happening? Join the Lelands as they are chased through the dark alleys of Detroit, take part in an exciting donut delivery, and more, while trusting God through it all.” ~synopsis

  • written for ages 7-12; appropriate for all ages
  • includes four illustrations by Mrs. Patsy Priebe
  • 113 pages
  • $10 for a signed paperback copy, including postage
  • or buy it on Amazon (paperback or Kindle)

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