Encouraging Blogs

Blog buttons are a great way to spread the word about your blog. They’re like little business cards! Well,  I finally got around to making a blog button, and since I now have one, I thought that I would make a page for other people’s buttons. 🙂 Here’s mine:

And some lovely blogs/websites:

Keeping It on the Bright Side

April// Keeping it on the Bright Side

{no button}

Kaitlyn S.// Maidens for Modesty


RHM screenshot

Self-promo here… 😀

Myself and others// Radiant Hearts Magazine



Sarah Bryant and others// the King’s Blooming Rose

Becoming Lost

Hannah// Becoming Lost {Note: Hannah retired from blogging in February 2017, but you can still read her old posts}

 My Blog Button

Hosanna Emily// Having a Heart Like His

With a Joyful Noise

Amanda Tero// With a Joyful Noise

Chloe P. // Purely by Faith and Purely By Faith Reviews

 Melanie Rocket// Book Reviewers Directory

untitled (2).png

Elise// A Lamp to Her Feet

Odelia// Little Apples of Gold

{no button}

Kate Willis// Once Upon an Ordinary


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