A Peep Behind the Scenes, by Mrs.O. F. Walton


Picture from Goodreads.com.

A Peep Behind the Scenes was written by Mrs. O.F. Walton.  My copy contains 255 pages.  This book was published by Lamplighter Publishing.

A Peep Behind the Scenes is about a little girl named Rosalie.  Rosalie is the daughter of a traveling theater director.  Because of this, Rosalie, her mother, and her father live in a caravan.  They constantly travel to different fair-grounds to put on their show.  Mr. Joyce, Rosalie’s father, is cruel and does not care about Rosalie or her mother.  Mrs. Joyce is fatally ill, and worsens because of the constant moving.

At one town they pass, a elderly man gives Rosalie a card with a picture of a shepherd holding a lamb on it.  Underneath the picture it says “Rejoice with Me, for I have found My sheep which was lost.  There is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth.”   Rosalie and her mother get saved because of this card.

Throughout the story,  Rosalie learns more of her mother’s background.  As different events happen, Rosalie has to learn to trust in the Lord.  She eventually goes to live at her aunt’s house, and along the way leads a few people to Christ.  She lives happily at her aunt’s house until she grows up.

This was a wonderful book about a young girl as she grows up.  I liked how Rosalie always trusts in the Lord, even when things get tough.  I think that that is a good attitude to have.  I highly recommend this book to young ladies 8 and up.


Written by Leona G., 11 yrs.


Have you read this book?

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